Our Expertise and Clients

WE DO FINANCIAL PLANNING as your fiduciary. The financial planning process typically leads to the need for financial products. As such, we are well-positioned to help our clients acquire solutions from best in class investment managers to top-rated insurance carriers for life, disability, and long term care.

OUR CLIENTS & Common Concerns

Whether you realize it or not, you are creating a legacy. We can help you identify the impact of your decisions and continue to refine and expand that impact beyond what you may have thought was possible.


  • We help you understand how much you need to save for emergencies, education, and retirement.
  • We assist you in managing your benefits packages at respective employers.
  • We help you organize and prioritize your debt.
  • We ensure your earnings extend to support your children in the future.
  • We assist in creating a meaningful legacy for your family and beyond.

Professionals & Executives

  • We help you to understand better how you should invest your money and for what purpose.
  • We can help with budgeting and spending awareness, as cash flow management is a core principle of financial planning. No lifestyle expenditure is subject to our judgment; rather, only your verdict as it may or may not be impeding your financial goals. As we help you gain awareness of where your money may be going, you decide what to adjust. 
  • When it comes to investment and wealth management, we focus on total and risk-adjusted returns and tax-aware and tax-diversified accumulation. 
  • We will help you continue to diversify your investment portfolio with a deep understanding of general asset class exposure, sector weighting, current and long term global economic and market themes, with a transparent and ongoing discourse about underlying investment and advice related costs and expenses.
  • We help you understand what measures you can take to minimize your tax obligations as a high-income earner.
  • We can help you manage stock and options benefits through your employer to maximize the outcomes while minimizing taxes and risk.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  • We can help you understand your risks and how to manage them as they relate to taxes, revenue, profitability, cash flow liability, shareholders, key employee protection and retention, benefits, and your eventual exit. 
  • We have resources for your private company; ranging from an estimation of value to a more detailed marketability assessment to a fully tax compliant formal valuation for gifting and other transactions. 
  • We help you understand unique ways to reward and retain key executives' efforts.
  • Your retirement path will look different from the typical wage earner and employee, and we understand how.
  • We help you retain your best employees, minimize taxes, and exit your company as profitably as possible while transferring ownership to a family member or third party on your terms, not theirs.

High Net Worth Families

  • We help with multi-generational wealth transfer while helping clients navigate the potential adverse affects that leaving a large inheritance can have on their heirs. In other words, we can help you balance legacy objectives with the paradox of wanting to give your heirs “enough that they can do something, but not so much that they do nothing."
  • We help our clients understand how to minimize estate taxes and risk by building a structure of wills, trusts, and other essential estate planning techniques of varying sophistication to meet their legacy objectives.
  • We help our clients investigate philanthropy and charitable giving as an option to expand their legacy's reach beyond immediate family to the broader community, the country, and the world.
  • We coordinate with the clients existing legal and tax advisors to make sure a team approach is employed, and our clients' plan is coordinated and optimized across all disciplines.  
  • We are fully capable of evaluating your current planning and making recommendations about changes that may have become necessary due to estate and tax law's ongoing changes.